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Quality Services, Tested

With over 30 years of experience in construction material testing, special inspections, and geotechnical engineering, IMEG has the expertise to deliver quality services on a timely basis. Our laboratory is inspected annually and field and laboratory testing equipment are checked regularly by our technical personnel and calibrated annually by an independent third party.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our key capabilities include: shallow and deep foundation design, temporary construction works and slope stability analyses. Geotechnical specialists rely on soil borings, concrete and asphalt coring and other investigation services to deliver findings.

Construction Materials Testing

IMEG’s specialized team provides testing that includes: concrete testing, verification of bearing soils, subgrade evaluation and testing, nuclear density testing, visual weld inspection, floor flatness and levelness testing, casting of mortar cubes, rebar inspection, shallow and deep foundation observation and testing services.

Special Inspections

We provide a range of unique inspections that you can specify in your contract documents. By collaborating with one of our structural engineers before or during the work process, we can help reduce owner risk.

Field Observations

By choosing IMEG to perform field observations, you can reduce uncertainties during construction, ensure construction quality and adherence to project specifications. You will receive oversight on testing and analysis, and a clear and accurate report of field findings to reduce future costs and promote public safety.