73% of Brazilian startups never received investments

Although Brazilian fintechs received more than US$1 billion in 2020, this figure remained in the hands of a few companies.

73% of Brazilian start-ups never received investmentsNOTHIES

The Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups), in partnership with Sebrae, released this week the study Community Mapping 2020, revealing that 73% of Brazilian companies in the sector never received investments.

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The mapping also draws attention to other important data. In Bitcoin Investor addition to the vast majority of companies that have never received inputs, 51% of start-ups said they felt the pandemic had a major impact on selling and attracting customers, while 26% of them have no women on staff and almost 60% of technology companies are small teams of one to five people.

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Ana Flávia Carrilo, a representative of the sector’s association, explained to Monitor Mercantil that the study’s „Communities“ consist of six pillars: access to the market, talent, access to capital, culture, density and regulatory environment. And she explains:

„Within these pillars we bring information about events, inspirational cases, training, support, government programs, relationship with large companies, generation of talent, relationship with the press of each exhibited community“.

The study should serve to give the startups sector a deeper picture of the characteristics of this industry, and according to Carrilo, from it „public and private initiative can plan actions for the future“, having clearer objectives and challenges to be faced:

„More than showing what the start-ups do for our country, from the economic and social point of view, the Mapping of Communities points out some challenges that we have, such as the insertion of women into these technological environments“.

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The Community Mapping figures contrast with the huge volume of inputs received by major companies in the sector, especially fintechs, which in 2020 already received US$1 billion in investments.

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